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BENDING WITH THE WIND, an impression of the Axis Syllabus

2017, Dance Documentary (9:20 minutes)


Direction, Cinematography and Editing: Katelyn Stiles
Produced by SUMMIT 2017 Berlin
Music: Barnaby Tree and Alex Zampini

Bending With The Wind is a dance documentary project, celebrating 20 years of the Axis Syllabus. The Axis Syllabus is an open source resource and tool box dedicated to studying the human body in movement. Axis Syllabus is also a diverse community of movement practitioners coming from very different backgrounds and disciplines, forming a worldwide network of sharing and inquiry. Since the Axis Syllabus resists defining itself as a form or technique, often people ask the question, "What is Axis Syllabus?" This film centers the multiplicity of answers to this question through interviews with dancers and material of the workshops that happened at the 20th Anniversary Summit gathering in Berlin in 2017. This film is a result of my own deep relationship as a dancer of the Axis Syllabus and as a result of my close collaboration with Kira Kirsch of Movement Artisans, with whom I have documented many of her classes through drawing, film, moving and witnessing. 


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